Multiple sync clients?


I currently sync iOS to MacOS via my DropBox account. If I wanted to share a database with my wife, can she can sync her iPhone and Mac laptop to my DropBox account as well so we can all see the same records? In other words, are there any problems syncing her devices to my Codebook (in terms of number of sync clients or the fact that she has her own DropBox account that we would not want to use for syncing on her side)?


Hi @Peter_Mangiafico

Thanks for using Codebook and posting.

You can definitely share your database with your wife, there isn’t a restriction on the Codebook end on how many sync clients there can be.

A couple of remarks related to this:

  • To sync Codebook, the master passwords have to match exactly between each client. So you and your wife would have to use the same master password as your database is currently setup with
  • There is currently no partial sharing within Codebook, so you and your wife would need to share all the records within your shared database
  • Because you would be utilizing the shared Dropbox account, you’d also have to share the credentials for that as well

You mention that each of you have Codebook for macOS. By default, Codebook for macOS takes a backup prior to each sync operation – you can verify you have this option selected by going to Codebook → Preferences → Sync Tab → “Take a backup every time sync is initiated” checkbox. Backups are also taken on Codebook for macOS by default when you change your master password.

These are the steps I would recommend:

  1. Make sure all your devices are in sync, then take a backup manually on Codebook for macOS under File → Backups → Backup.
  2. Have your wife make sure all her devices are in sync and take a backup manually on Codebook for macOS under File → Backups → Backup.
  3. Have your wife change each of her Codebook client’s master passwords to match yours exactly.
  4. Have her link her Codebook client’s to your Dropbox account and perform a sync.

Going forward you should each be able to sync to the shared database through Dropbox.

Please let me know if you’re able to share your database alright, and if you have any further questions along the way. Thanks!



Thanks for the reply - that all makes sense. She isn’t currently using Codebook, so the first steps will be exporting all her 1Password data (from quite an old version), getting Codebook, and importing.



Sure thing. Probably the most straightforward route for her to export from 1Password and import into Codebook would be to do so with a CSV. We have some tips on how to format the CSV for import into Codebook located here:

Please feel free to post back here, or write us at if you have any questions, or run into any issues.