Codebook for Windows Update 3.0.5 - Manual Upgrade Required


We’re pleased to announce the availability of Codebook for Windows 3.0.5, which includes several improvements and bug fixes.

Most importantly, one of the critical issues fixed in this version is a problem that prevents Codebook from automatically notifying you than an upgrade is available and launching the installation process. Unfortunately, as a result, it is necessary to download and install the newest version from the website here:

For security purposes, this installer package is digitally signed by Zetetic LLC so that you can verify this is a legitimate and authentic upgrade. During installation you will see the following signature verification:

After installation you can locate the version of Codebook for Windows you are running within the Help → About menu. Once you upgrade to 3.0.5 you will be properly notified of all future updates.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience resulting from this one-time manual upgrade process. If you run into any issues updating Codebook for Windows, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at, we would be glad to help resolve the issue.

Finally, for reference, the full list of improvements and bug fixes included in version 3.0.5 follows:

  • Fix: Restore last selected entry upon login
  • Fix: Search results select the first entry for display again
  • Fix: Allow Ctrl + c hotkey within fields list of secret agent for copying value to clipboard
  • Fix: Easier selection of back button icon within secret agent fields list
  • Fix: Import/export feature includes note entries
  • Fix: Soft wrapping of standard entry notes
  • Fix: Correct typo in tour page
  • Add: Additional systray context menu items
  • Update: Recents entry list is updated when user interacts with fields of an entry or enters edit mode
  • Update: Rename login shortcut to “Codebook Secret Agent”
  • Update: Minor adjustments to application theming

"protocol version 0 is unsupported" error message

hi, just wanted to pass along some feedback on the new upgrade for windows pc’s. I’ve done the upgrade and things are working fine, but…when the shortcut was created on my desktop the image looks like a (old fashioned) pc window pictgure, not the cylinder with the blue swirls around it.

It works as a shortcut ought to and if I right-click on the icon, it displays correct information about the item,
including the right codebook icon–just doesn’t display correctly on my desktop (weird).

This laptop is a toshiba satellite c655, running Windows 7 Home premium (it will soon be upgraded to windows 10)
but thought I’d pass along the feedback anyway, fyi, in case others are observing similar issues with the icon display


Hello @gk_sync

Thank you for sharing the behavior you are seeing. That is certainly strange, and not something we have seen yet. Would you mind trying to reboot your PC and letting us know if the icon still displays incorrectly? Thanks!


Hi Nick, belated Happy Valentine’s Day! I couldn’t figure it out either,
however, over last night I upgraded this Toshiba to Windows 10 and now the
icon displays correctly on the desktop and task bar without any hitches. So
this can be considered closed from my end - but just it case you see other
reports you’ll have this one. I think I read somewhere on the discussion
boards about another windows 7 user who said their icon was just a blank
square (maybe it’s just a windows 7 thing!)



Hello @gk_sync

Thank you for the quick reply, and a belated Happy Valentines Day to you as well! We are glad to hear that updating to Windows 10 has resolved the issue you previously experienced. We will keep an eye out for that in case we receive another report. Thanks!