Codebook for Windows 3.0.18 Released

We’ve just released Codebook for Windows 3.0.18, which contains a number of new features and improvements:

  • Add: Reveal button allows unmasking of master password entry field
  • Add: Easily toggle masking of all fields with CTRL+SHIFT+M hotkey, menu item, and toolbar
  • Add: Custom label merge feature to consolidate field types
  • Add: New multi-language Diceware random password generator
  • Add: Secret Agent “Default Action” feature allows username and password entry using CTRL+R Hotkey
  • Update: Sync with Dropbox now uses latest Version 2 API
  • Update: Improved error messages and status bar synchronization on failed CSV file import
  • Update: Codesigning of release package using new certificate with extended expiry date
  • Fix: Corrects credits and copyrights on About screen

If you have any problem with the update please get in touch with us at Thanks for using Codebook!

Note: This update was previously identified as 3.0.17. If you previously installed 3.0.17 and are experiencing an issue with repeated upgrade prompts, please install this version to resolve the problem.

Having a problem with this release. I have installed it several times, even uninstalled and reinstalled. Each time I run it I am asked to install the update. I checked the About version and it says it is it is Checked the digital signature of the .EXE and have two sha11 and sha256 both are time stamped ‎Tuesday, ‎April ‎4, ‎2017 11:50:25 AM

What now?

I have exactly the same problem that Iwetzel describes above. If I try and do the update again, as prompted, then it ends up at the “Modify / Repair / Uninstall” dialog box indicating that there is no further update required.

It seems to me that the program’s version number isn’t updated but the program is.

Hello @lwetzel and @ikrananka - Thanks for letting us know about this. We’ve identified the problem here, and will be making a fix available for it momentarily, under version 3.0.18. Please apply that update, as it should install cleanly and fix the recurring update prompt. I’m very sorry about the trouble!

Thank you :slight_smile: