Reset Master Passcode


The third time was the charm! I did a regular sync for the third time and it synced.

Excellent. Glad to hear you were able to sync successfully.

The version of Codebook for Windows is

The current version of Codebook for Windows is – Release notes are here

I’d recommend updating to this version when you have a chance as we’ve updated the Dropbox API which should help your Dropbox syncs go more smoothly.

Codebook for Windows should automatically prompt you to download the latest update when it’s available as long as you have “Automatically check for updates” selected in File → Preferences.

The certificate we use to sign the Codebook for Windows installer expired a few months ago and we had to generate a new one, so you will most likely actually need to manually download/install Codebook using the most recent installer. This is the update that required manual installation. I’ve sent you a PM with instructions on how to download the latest installer.

If anyone else is also experiencing issues with updating to the latest version, please feel free to write us at or PM me.