Changing master password on multiple devices


Hi, I have STRIP on two Mac’s and two IOS devices. I want to change the Master password. Is there a preferred process to follow to do this? JH.


Hello @jhodge

You will want to change the password to the new password on each device. If you synchronize with either Dropbox or Google Drive, you will want to perform an overwrite operation to replace the remote database. You will only need to overwrite the remote database once with the new password.


Thanks, I appreciate the quick response. Once the remote database has been overwritten once with the new pw, is it then a sync operation with the other machines, once I’ve changed the pw on them, or is a restore required for each of them?


@jhodge You only need to overwrite the “remote” database once (by “remote” we mean the encrypted replica named strip.db that is stored in your Google Drive or Dropbox account), because it is encrypted with your old password. The overwrite operation will blow it away and create a new one. All other syncs should just use the regular “Sync” operation mode, not Restore or Overwrite.

Alternatively, if you went into your Dropbox or Google Drive account, navigated to the Zetetic folder, and deleted strip.db, the next sync operation would create it as if you’d run an Overwrite.


So assuming one Mac and two iOS devices, will this work:

  1. Sync each device to get them to the same state
  2. Change the master password on, say, the Mac
  3. Delete strip.db from Google Drive
  4. Sync from Mac, to get a replica w/ the new password up on Google Drive
  5. Sync from each iOS device