Master password wrong on one (out of four) device

I recently installed a new copy of Codebook to have a “backup” just in case my other installatins get destroyed (one never know these days). The installation went smooth, the application of the license with subsequent sync with Google Drive went fine.
I currently have one copy on my Android device, one on an Apple iPad and one in my working PC. The fourth copy is just for makiing sure I still have something, should my place burn down to the ground.
However during installation CB did request to enter a master passwort. I am almost certain I did enter the same I use for all other installations - but I am no longer a 100% sure. However, the password is working fine for logging on to CB in my life PC or Android Device. I thought the master password gets synched too into a new installatoin, which might not be the case.
So, what can I do to gain access to my CB installation on the ‘backup device’? Do I need to delete the whole installation and startover from scratch?
Many thanks for your support and feedback

Hi @diaro56

Thank you for using Codebook, I would be happy to help. Codebook 4 does not require the master password to be the same across all devices for syncing purposes. It is however helpful to utilize the same master password to minimize the number of master passwords you must remember. That said, synchronization between devices is managed by a separate Sync Key which must be the same between all syncing Codebook instances. Are you unable to login to your Codebook installation on your backup device? What device is that? If you are uncertain of the master password you setup on the backup device, we can provide instructions for resetting the device to scratch, then reinitializing the Sync Key from another device allowing you to sync creating an additional backup.

Hello Nick

Many thanks for your feedback. Meanwhile the issue is resolved. Seems I had an issue with an ‘unexpected error’ during change of Master password. ‘Don’ helped me to fix this and now everything is fine.

However, the information given below IS very helpful to me. I maybe should have rtfm, but your statement does even better do the job.

Thanks for your support and feedback.

Stay healthy!


Eduard Hora


Hello @diaro56

Thank you for your follow up, we are happy to hear that @dquander was able to address the issue. Please feel free to reach out again in the future if you have any additional questions, we’re always happy to help!