Forgotten Master Passwords


What do I do if I forgot my master password?

When you first setup Codebook on your computer or mobile device and set a master password it is used to create a key that we then use to encrypt your data. We don’t store this key anywhere (e.g. outside your app or on some cloud service) and we cannot retrieve it if you forget the master password. Adding a backdoor to Codebook or keeping a copy of your key would seriously compromise the application’s security, so it’s important to set a master password you’ll remember. If you do forget your password, we cannot help you recover it, and your application data must be reset (all data will be lost). However, before you start over, there are a few things to try:

Check the keyboard, check your input

If you are using Codebook for Windows or OS X, check that the caps lock or num lock key is not enabled.

If you are using Codebook on iOS or Android, there is a “Mask” switch on the login screen—setting this to the off position will reveal each of the characters you are tapping in to the device to be sure you’re entering your password correctly.

Did you recently change your Codebook password?

If you recently changed your Codebook password and you remember the old one, you may be able to restore from a backup taken before the change. We have instructions for restoring from backup, but if you are in this position we encourage you to get in touch with us directly at so we can help assess what needs to be done depending on your version of Codebook (as this would likely require resetting the app first, then attempting the restore).

Did you recently upgrade iOS or switch to a new iOS device?

When you upgrade iOS or move to a new iOS device, you are usually given the option to Restore your data from before the upgrade by iTunes. This restore takes a long time, the device reboots several times, and it can appear to be done before it’s completed copying over all your app data—keep an eye on iTunes’ heads-up display before disconnecting the device in order to avoid ending this prematurely. If you cannot login after this iTunes Restore, it often helps to run it again yourself by right-clicking on the device and selecting the Restore option. If you have your Codebook data backed up to Codebook on the desktop, or to Dropbox or Google Drive, you can use the Restore option of our sync service to restore your data, instead of iTunes.

Resetting Codebook

If you do not remember your master password and do not have the option to restore to a dataset with a known password, you must reset Codebook and start over. We have instructions for that here.

Forgot password but have Touch ID login
Re-enabling touch ID