Program reset - fingreprint not recognized

I’ve been using STRIP/Codebook for about 4 years now. About two years ago, switched to fingerprint log in. I’ve been exclusively using fingerprint since then.
Yesterday, it told me that I just requested to setup fingerprint authentication. Um, no. Then it requested my password. Well eff…
I cannot find notes or remember the master password. How effed am I?
To my knowledge, there is no way to reset the master password, correct?

Hello @MichaelRhodes.PE

Thank you for your support of Codebook, although I’m sorry to hear you have forgotten your master password and the fingerprint service appears to have been reset. Have you tried entering different master password values? You might try disabling the password masking on the login screen to verify you are typing what you think you are.

Alternatively, did you backup your Sync Key, either through printing the QR code, or writing down the word list? If so, we should be able to help you restore from your latest backup using that.

I’ve been trying every possible password that I might have used. I’ve also been checking the input. But if I remember, there was a password rule set and I cannot remember it to know if I had to make it more difficult than my standard pw.
As for the sync key, I’ve not done that since it was pushed out so I don’t have that set up either. I’m thinking I’m SOL.

Hi @MichaelRhodes.PE,

Are you saying that you never setup a Sync Key following the Codebook 4 release, and thus have not performed a sync/backup with Codebook 4, or that you simply didn’t backup the Sync Key when you created it? Were you previously syncing with either Dropbox or Google Drive?

I have been syncing via Dropbox. It is relatively current, a couple of weeks ago. I’ve codebook-metadata.db and codebook-changesets.db in DB.

Hi @MichaelRhodes.PE

Just to confirm, do you have a backup of your Sync Key (either the printed QR code, or the word list), or did you opt to not back it up?

Correct. I do not have or remember the location of those elements since it has been several years, several moves, and two countries ago.
I’ll just start rebuilding. My passwords needed updating anyway.
How do I start from scratch since it keeps asking for my password to open the vault? I assume I’ll have to delete the cache, stored data, and eliminate any docs in Dropbox?

Hi @MichaelRhodes.PE

If it helps at all, the new sync system in Codebook 4 was just rolled out in December of 2019. That would be the earliest you would have been prompted to create a backup of your Sync Key via either QR code, or written word list.

Before you do that, can we confirm that you do not have Codebook on any other platform, or possibly an old backup of the strip.db file on Dropbox?

If you have determined that you do not have any previous backups of your data, nor any backups of your Sync Key, you would need to reset your local environment. We have steps for doing this on all platforms here. We would recommend backing up your Sync Key in the future as this will prevent you from having to start from scratch if you have a backup of your data, even if you forget your master password.

Unfortunately, there are no regular backups.
C’est la vie. Thank you for the help.

Hello @MichaelRhodes.PE

I’m sorry to hear that was the case. Please let us know if you have any questions with the setup, or backup process. Take care!