Previously purchased product but lost it in ransomware attack

I purchased Strip on 1/15/15 but recently lost it after my computer suffered an attack. I reinstalled the trial version but not it wants me to repurchase the product. Is there some way to use my previous purchase or must I buy it again?
Paul Schreiner – pw******* An email address to contact you directly would be nice.

Hi @Paul_Schreiner,

Thanks for posting, and i’m sorry to hear about the attack. I’ve resent your order fulfillment email which will contain your license key. If you don’t see it right away, please check the “Spam” folder in case it was mis-classified.

Let me know if you received the email, and if you’re able to activate the full version of Codebook using the license key. Thanks!


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Hello @Paul_Schreiner

If you ever need to reach us private, please feel free to drop us a line at Thanks!

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Thanks a lot. Yes, I got the download and was able to get back into my passwords.


Excellent. Thanks for getting back to us to let us know you’re all set.

I guess i have caused myself a new problem. I had a simple password that worked fine but thought I should make it more complicated; which I did. But for some reason when I tried to open my passwords the new master password would not open the file. I have Codebook on my wife’s I Pad which I can access but can not seem to figure out how to get them to my desktop. Everytime I try to open codebook on my desktop it wants a master password which I don’t know. I have tried delete codebook and the datafile and then reinstalling it, but it never ask for the license key (which you previously had sent to me ) and comes up with the following error message when I try putting a new password in:

An unknown error occurred: SQL logic error or missing database The specified module could not be found.

Would you help me again. I search through the data here but I most be missing something.

Hello @Paul_Schreiner

I’m sorry to hear about the issue you are experiencing. We have a steps here which detail how to completely reset Codebook on your machine. Would you give that a try when you have the opportunity and let us know your results? Thanks!

Thanks a lot!!! I have it back up and reentering data.

Hi @Paul_Schreiner

I’m glad to hear everything is working well for you now. Take care!