Password not working on Mac O/S


I have looked through the posts on this topic and have not found one similar.

My laptop runs Mac O/S 10.12.5. Is there a password expiration or something similar? I am not able to log in to Codebook on my personal account. I don’t use my personal code book frequently since I remember most of my passwords off the top of my head. In other words, I don’t know when this might have occurred with respect to Codebook upgrades.

How do I get in now?


Hi @PasswordHellion

Thank you for your support, I’m sorry to hear you are unable to access Codebook for macOS. I have a few follow up questions that may help:

  1. Have you recently changed your master password to Codebook?
  2. Can you disable the master password masking feature (there is a checkbox below the password input field) to confirm you are typing in what you believe is the correct password?


  1. No

  2. Yes

How do I access it? Do I need to re-install it? I have applied it to
three computers: my work computer, my work laptop, and my personal
computer. I kept the password the same for all three because I could not
rely on my remembering the personal computer as different. I don’t use it
as much, as I said.

Anyway to get into it? I actually do not need the passwords - as I said,
for my personal life, I tend to remember them. But I wanted to set it up
for my daughter to access. I am the financier of our family and if for any
reason I was not able to pay bills and keep up with things, I would need
her to step in and help my husband.



Hello @PasswordHellion

I’m sorry to hear you were still unable to access your data. It is difficult to say what has occurred if you believe you are entering the correct password and yet are still unable to login. Is it possible that you simply used a different password when you setup your master password? You can reset the Codebook database, note however this will remove any previously store data.



I have lost my password - It was looooooooong and I remember most of it,
but I am just not sure.

Is there a way to reset it outside of removing the application and
re-installing it?



Hello @PasswordHellion

I’m sorry to hear that, unfortunately, there is no way to reset your master password if you are unable to recall it without losing any previous data you had stored. You might consider disabling the password masking feature on the login screen to verify you are not introducing a typo in the password.

We have instructions for resetting Codebook here. It may be beneficial to capture your master password on paper and store it in a secure location such a safe. Please let us know if you have any other questions.


Thank you

I can recreate the passwords that I had stored (oddly, I remember them!).