How to unlock codebook in iosx


I installed Codebook from the Appstore using MAC OS x,
I had problem remembering my master password but thanks to one of the thread in the forum, there is away to retrieve it as long as touchID still works. So I have the master password.

Now back to the MAC OS x Codebook app.
It ask for master password and I type in the one I got from my phone but it does not work. It keeps saying codebook is locked.

How do I unlock it, and plus how does my computer know it is me logging in if it does not ask for any for of user name or ID?



I figured it out. I have to delete or rename a file as instructed in one of the forum thread and then it ask for a new master password. I use the same master password I retrieve and it seems to let me go in to codebook now. However, there is a problem syncing after that.
The iPhone and Mac are on the same wifi network and It is set to override, and initiated from the phone but it says time out. So this is what I need help with right now.


Hi @bmulawarman, thanks so much for choosing Codebook and sorry to hear about the trouble.

Just to be sure I understand what’s happened so far:

The password used on Codebook for iOS was forgotten and had to be retrieved. This was not the password that was originally used to set up Codebook for macOS. On your Mac you moved the main data file out of the way and this put Codebook on your Mac in setup mode so you could set the same master password being used on iOS.

Did I get all that right so far?

If so, on to the next issue!

The iPhone and Mac are on the same wifi network and It is set to override, and initiated from the phone but it says time out.

Codebook on iPhone is configured for WiFi sync, operation set to Overwrite, target computer set to Codebook running on your Mac. There’s a couple things to check real quick, even if they seem a little silly:

  • Is Codebook on your Mac running and unlocked when you try to sync with it from your iPhone?
  • Could you try rebooting your WiFi router just once, then bring up the Sync view in Codebook on your iPhone, and tap the computer row to re-select your Mac running Codebook?
  • Is there any other information with the timeout error, perhaps an error code?

A quick note about setting the operation to Overwrite in this situation (over WiFi): Overwrite will cause all the passwords stored in Codebook on your iPhone to be sent to your Mac, replacing all data currently in Codebook on your Mac. After we accomplish this you’ll want to set the operation back to Sync for regular exchange of changes on your Mac and iPhone.