Fingerprint & Password

Just updated phone. On old phone, the codebook was setup with fingerprint. Now I have added codebook to new phone. Codebook won’t open with fingerprint ID scan and is requiring password. I still have access to old phone and can enter into codebook with fingerprint. I tried to change the password but it required that I enter the current password. I don’t remember it… oddly enough. It’s strange that I didn’t store it in the database as I normally would. For some reason, I did not.
Is there anyway to change the password or am I just SOL?

Hello @Michael_Rhodes

Since you still have access to your old iPhone, can you login to that with the fingerprint scanner, then tap More, and Settings. On the settings screen at the top, tap the section titled Login Settings. At the bottom of the login settings there is a row you can tap called Retrieve password which will allow you to use the fingerprint scanner to display your master password. Would you give that a try and let us know if that works for you?