Can’t enter password with only number pad

I re-scanned my iPhone finger print. Now can’t log into Codebook with thumb, and can’t enter password without a keyboard pop up (PW uses letters).

Hey @Bill_Jennings

Thank you for using Codebook and posting to the discussion forum, although I’m sorry to hear about the trouble.

Touch ID within Codebook can become invalidated for different security reasons (for example adding or removing a fingerprint).

After this, you’ll need to manually enter your Codebook Password once to be re-enable Touch ID.

The keyboard should be automatically presented on the Codebook login screen when you launch Codebook and Touch ID isn’t enabled. If this isn’t occurring, please try tapping into the Password field on the Login view and the keyboard should be presented.

If only the number pad is showing up instead of the full letter keyboard, please toggle the keyboard switcher (shown in the screenshots below):

Once you login with your Codebook Password, you can re-enable Touch ID via [More] > Settings > Login Settings > Enable Touch ID.

Please let me know if this allows you to login to Codebook and re-enable Touch ID. Thanks!