Help! Face ID - alternative appearance

I need some help. I have been using Codebook for iOS since it was called Strip many years ago. I moved to Touch ID 5-6 years ago and had a good migration to Face ID when that became available.
The other day, I realised, that in iOS you can setup an alternative appearance, which is very handy if you want to give your wife access to your phone or want to increase the chance that your phone recognise you.
But horror! Codebook is now asking for my MasterPassword in order to accept another profile… which I haven’t used for years and right now can’t find (panic!) … isn’t there anyway to open my Codebook with the existing Face ID without having to find my MasterPassword?
Please help me here. Thanks in advance.


Thanks for your longtime support of Codebook and for posting to the discussion forum, although I’m sorry to hear about the trouble accessing Codebook after adding another Face.

When setting up Codebook to use Face ID, your Codebook Master Password is placed in your Secure Enclave (what stores items accessed with Face ID). When launching Codebook and authenticating via Face ID, this item is retrieved from the Secure Enclave (given the Face ID authentication succeeds) and provided to Codebook.

When adding or removing a Face from your device, the Codebook Master Password item stored in the Secure Enclave is invalidated (i.e. deleted) as a security precaution. Because of this, the only way to regain access to Codebook is to authenticate using your Codebook Master Password, after which you can re-enable Face ID login (which will re-add your Codebook Master Password to the Secure Enclave).

Do you happen to still have access to Codebook on another device (i.e. a Mac that’s using Touch ID)?

I’d recommend trying every combination of password you think you may have used to try to regain access – there’s no limit to the number of passwords you can try (i.e. no lockout after x number of attempts).

There are also a few additional suggestions here: Forgotten Master Passwords

Let me know if any of these suggestions allow you to regain access, and if there’s anything else I can do to assist. Thanks!