Turn off face ID prompt on IOS app

When it became available, I set up face ID to open the app on IOS. I have since chosen to rely on my master password instead. Is there a way to turn off the “Face ID Unavailable” message that appears every time I go to access Codebook?

Hi @harnadem,

You can turn off the Face ID Login feature like so:

  1. Launch Codebook and sign in
    a. On iPhone tap the More button, then Settings
    b. On iPad, simply tap the Settings row in the left-side navigation view
  2. On the Settings view, tap on Login Settings
  3. Turn off the switch labeled Face ID Login

That should do it, please let us know that works.

If for some reason it doesn’t, or if the setting to turn off Face ID Login isn’t being shown, please let us know about that, too!

Thank you for the information.

On my device the only option under Login Settings is an option to turn on/off the auto-lock timer (“use timer”). There is no option to turn off Face ID Login

Codebook version 4.5.13 (1105)
iOS 16.4.1
iPhone 13 Pro

On my iPad, there is the option to turn on or off the auto-lock timer and an option to turn on or off Touch ID Login

Codebook version 4.5.13 (1105)
iPadOS 16.4.1
iPad (9th generation)


Thanks for the response and sorry to hear that the Face ID switch isn’t showing up within Codebook on your iPhone 13 Pro. The appearance of this switch is determined by Codebook asking the system whether Face ID is available to it. It sounds like that might not being properly reported by the system in your case (if you do indeed have Face ID enabled on your iPhone 13 Pro’s iOS settings).

Sometimes these steps can help:

  1. Open iOS Settings on your device
  2. Go to Face ID & Passcode, enter your device passcode when prompted
  3. Open Codebook for iOS, visit [More] > Settings > Login Settings and see if the switch shows up there.
  4. If it doesn’t show up after that, try restarting your device, then opening Codebook again and see if it shows up then.

If that still doesn’t help, do you have Face ID enabled device wide (for unlocking your phone) under iOS Settings > Face ID & Passcode > iPhone Unlock switch?

Let me know the results. Thanks!

Hi @harnadem,

I’d like to follow up on my colleague @mmoore suggestions to let you know that we think you are encountering a bug in Codebook, and you may not be able to resolve it with the steps provided.

Here’s what’s going on: we only show the Face ID Login switch, to turn the setting in Codebook on and off, when the Face ID feature itself is enabled on the device. Now that you’ve turned Face ID off on that iPhone, Codebook is no longer showing the switch for turning the setting off. So the setting is still on as far as Codebook is concerned, and it will keep trying to perform Face ID Login when you visit the login view and then showing an alert about it being unavailable.

We will attempt to fix the issue in a future version of Codebook for iOS, but it will take a little time to test it properly and make it available. In the meantime, in order to take care of the annoying alert on the login view, you could do the following:

  1. Turn Face ID back on in your iPhone’s Settings app–I know that’s a nuisance, but a temporary one–under Face ID & Passcode section
  2. Launch Codebook on your iPhone, sign in, and tap on More > Settings > Login Settings and check to see if the Face ID Login switch is back
  3. Set the Face ID Login switch to Off
  4. Go back to the Settings app > Face ID & Passcode, turn Face ID back off
  5. Launch Codebook again and check that you are no longer bothered with the alert view

Thank you @wgray
The steps you had outlined did work and the screen prompt no longer appears