Codebook for iOS 4.5.14 Released

Codebook for iOS 4.5.14 is now available in the Apple App Store.

Changes in this version

  • Fixes cancel button not showing on iOS 16 when searching on iPad in side nav
  • Fixes Dropbox sync error on devices on iOS 14 or less
  • Updates Dropbox API library used by Codebook to the latest official release from Dropbox
  • Fixes continuously re-presenting an alert on the login view after disabling Touch ID or Face ID authentication on your device
  • Fixes adding Favorites from Favorites view improperly showing Cancel button instead of Done button
  • Fixes Search In Note not properly highlighting text in Note after selecting search result on iPad

Login view changes

In previous versions of Codebook for iOS, if you had the Touch ID Login (or Face ID Login) setting in Codebook itself enabled, but then disabled Touch ID or Face ID on the device (either by turning it off in the iOS Settings app, or failing the authentication five times in a row), and then you attempted to login to Codebook, Codebook would see that you have the biometric login setting enabled, see that it was disabled in iOS, and present an error about it via an alert view.

And then every other time you visited the login view it would do it, again and again! And if you were to go into Codebook > Settings > Login Settings, you would find the switch for turning off the Codebook-specific setting was not being shown–when it’s disabled in iOS, we don’t show it. So there was no way to turn it off in this edge case where maybe you decided to stop using Face ID, as one of our customers recently did.

Starting with this version the behavior is a little different. If you attempt to login, and have the setting to use Touch ID or Face ID Login enabled, but it’s been disabled in iOS (either by you, or by the system after five failed attempts), Codebook will not immediately throw an error up, it will allow you to instead login with your password right away. It will also make the button to prompt for Touch ID or Face ID Login available, and if you tap that, it will present you with a new alert notification, telling you how you can turn the feature back on if you so desire: