Codebook for iOS 3.4.1 Released


We ended last week with a bug-fix update to Codebook for macOS and we’re kicking this week off with a similar update for Codebook for iOS, 3.4.1. Tap this link on your iOS device to get the update.

Changes in this version:

  • Fixes the Face ID warning from iOS allowing Face ID to be used for login to Codebook on iPhone X
  • Adjusts save behavior on URL/Website fields, “http://” will no longer be pre-pended when scheme is absent, HTTP will be assumed desired behavior on launch
  • Includes many unseen adjustments to internal components for maintenance, testing, and future improvements

As always, please let us know if you’re having a problem with the software or have any feedback. If you like Codebook and you’re pleased with our progress, please consider giving us a rating or a review in the iTunes App Store, they help quite a bit!