iOS TOTP Copy to last longer than expiration

I love the recent feature on iOS to automatically copy the TOTP into clipboard when CodeBook is used to auto fill credentials. It seems like CodeBook is set to clear the clipboard at the time the TOTP is set to expire though. It’s very common for me to log into a page and the TOTP that gets copied only has a few seconds before expiring, resulting in not being able to copy the TOTP.

Can the clipboard clearing be given a grace period beyond the expiration? I think nearly all auth systems have a grace period for codes, usually 15-30 seconds so even though the code is technically expired it’s still allowed. Baking in the same grace period for the clipboard clearing would improve this experience quite a bit.

Hey @cspeckrun

Thanks very much for using Codebook, for the kind words, and for posting to the discussion forum with this feedback. We agree that the current behavior could be improved and will plan on working in a grace period before clearing the copied TOTP from the clipboard (most likely 30 seconds) in the next release of Codebook for iOS.

Thank you so much! The latest update has this and it’s been working great!



Excellent. Glad to hear it’s working well. Thanks again for providing this feedback.