Codebook for iOS 4.5.10 Released - Additional Note Fixes

Codebook for iOS 4.5.10 is available now in the App Store

Change list:

  • Fixes Note Entry scrolling not always properly scrolling (another workaround for the iOS 16 bug)
  • Fixes Note Fields not properly displaying large amounts of text
  • Fixes crash that could occur when double tapping Note Fields from the Entry View
  • Fixes a failure to report an error that could occur during Sync

Note Fixes (again)

iOS 16 introduced a few bugs related to UITextViews rendering/scrolling to text. We’ve been in communication with Apple to report these bugs and are still waiting on fixes. In the mean time, we’ve been trying to workaround them In the 4.5.7 and 4.5.9 releases. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like our previous workaround completely resolved the issues.

This release attempts to workaround the issues again. We’ve gotten positive responses from beta testers who have experienced the issues in previous releases, so we’re hopeful that this will resolve the remaining issues.

Failure to report error during sync

At the beginning of a sync operation Codebook creates a copy of your encrypted Codebook database locally to restore from if an error occurs during sync. When syncing with your personal cloud service (Google Drive or Dropbox) there was an edge case which could cause an error to occur during the cleanup phase (specifically when trying to delete the downloaded encrypted files), but fail to be reported in the Codebook interface. The result would be that your local Codebook database would be restore from the copy (created at the start of sync), but it would appear like the sync actually properly completed (although none of the changes would be synced). This build fixes the issue where the error wasn’t being properly reported, so you should now see an error in the interface if this affected you.