Codebook for iOS 4.5.9 Released - Note Fixes

Codebook for iOS 4.5.9 is available now in the App Store.

This update fixes a few bugs related to Note Fields and Note Entries along with a few others:

  • Fixes Save/Cancel buttons not properly displaying after leaving Codebook and returning when editing a Note Field
  • Fixes Note Field Cancel button not properly discarding all changes made since last save if auto-save timer had triggered a save
  • Fixes regression of debug sync log not being generated
  • Fixes regression of setup screen not being dismissed at the end of setup
  • Fixes menu button improperly disappearing on iPad’s sync view
  • Fixes Note Entry scrolling not working properly when selecting search in note result (again)
  • Fixes Magnify clipping text of certain lengths on iPad in landscape

Note Field Save and Cancel Buttons

When editing a Note Field the navigation bar displays Save and Cancel buttons to allow you to persist or discard any pending changes within the Note Field. Before this build, if you brought a Note Field into edit mode, then left Codebook and returned to it, the Save and Cancel buttons would no longer be present. The Note Field contents would look like the contents included the changes (from the previous edit session), but they may not have been persisted depending on whether the auto-save timer fired or not (the auto-save timer automatically saves the note contents every 5 seconds). This build fixes this issue by properly displaying the Cancel/Save buttons on the Note Field when returning to Codebook so that you can choose whether to persist or discard the pending changes.

Note Field Cancel Not Discarding Changes

The intention of the Cancel button when a Note field is in edit mode is to discard any pending changes from this edit session. Unfortunately this wasn’t occurring in previous builds if the auto-save timer had fired subsequent to the changes being made (the auto-save timer fires every 5 seconds as mentioned above). This build properly fixes that issue by properly discarding the changes when the Cancel button is tapped whether the auto-save timer had fired or not.

Note Entry Not Scrolling to Search Results

On certain Note Entries with longer text, when you attempted to select a search in note result, it wouldn’t always properly scroll to the selected result and sometimes scroll up above the note contents and show a white screen instead. iOS 16 introduced TextKit2 which all TextViews use by default when the devices is running iOS 16+. Unfortunately there are still a few issues with TextKit2 related to scrolling. We’ve reported these issues to Apple and it sounds like they may be fixed in iOS 16.2 (the next minor version). In the mean time we were trying to work around these bugs in previous releases, unfortunately these workarounds didn’t completely solve the problems. After a few more attempts at it, we decided to revert to using TextKit1 until the bug is fixed in TextKit2. This should fix the issue and allow search in note to operate properly again and scroll to the correct selected result.