Codebook for iOS 4.5.15 Beta

This beta includes fixes for numerous bugs. The complete list is below:

  • [iPad]: Fixes Note Entries not properly ending editing when selected from search results and then selecting another Note Entry from search results
  • [iPad]: Fixes Note Entries not properly updating original text when selecting a second Note Entry from search results
  • [iPad]: Fixes crash when selecting entry from search results, bringing it into edit mode, deleting it and then tapping menu button
  • [iPad]: Fixes menu button not displaying on Note Entries in portrait mode
  • [iPad]: Note Entries no longer display full screen in landscape. Side navigation menu is always visible now.
  • [iPad]: Changes Menu button to image of sidebar icon
  • Fixes crash when deleting an Entry from search results and subsequently pasting an Entry

Many of these bugs were discovered and fixed with the help of Codebook users who sent in crash reports and helped us test fixes for the issues.

Here are some additional details about some of the fixes:

iPad Side Navigation Search Results Fixes

Typically when selecting something else from the side navigation panel on iPad, any pending edits should be committed and you’ll be brought out of edit mode. This wasn’t occurring when selecting a Note Entry from the side navigation search results and then subsequently selecting another Note Entry. This build includes a fix which now properly ends editing in this scenario.

When selecting a Note entry and bringing it into edit mode, Codebook tracks the “original text” (the contents of the note before you started editing it). When selecting a second Note from the iPad side navigation search results, Codebook previously wasn’t properly updating the “original text” contents of the Note, so if you were to cancel, the newly selected note would fallback to the previously selected Note’s contents (potentially causing data loss).

The iPad side navigation list of categories (when not searching) has an Entry count for each category. When deleting an Entry, the side navigation panel updates its Entry count for the category from which the Entry was deleted. When deleting an entry with the search results displayed, this would cause a crash which is now fixed.

Menu Button

While testing out some of the fixes above, we noticed that the menu button wasn’t properly displaying when Note entries were displayed in portrait mode on iPad which could lead to confusion of how to access the side navigation panel when viewing a Note Entry. This is now fixed up.

This build also adjusts the menu button to use the more modern icon for toggling the side navigation panel instead of the Menu button text:

Note Entry Landscape Display

Codebook intentionally displayed Note Entries in fullscreen (no side navigation panel visible) in landscape which could also lead to some confusion about how to access the side navigation panel. This build has an adjustment to make the side navigation panel always visible in landscape.