Codebook for Linux

I am continuing to dump windows and mac in favor of Linux Mint. I have found either commercial or opens source software replacements for almost everything I need, except codebook! Please either create a linux version (probably an Appimage) or at least point me to a script that will allow me to access the db!

I use Ubuntu Linux on all my computers. Codebook is one of the few reasons I still boot into Windows on occasion, when the Android Codebook won’t do the job. I have been using Codebook for years. Excellent software. The last software I bought, Antidote 10, was available for Linux, so I hope it is just a matter of time for Codebook.

Debian variants. Raspberry Pi OS

I’m also long time Codebook user on Windows. Now going to switch to Ubuntu. Any update regarding current or future Linux support?

another vote for linux from a long time STRIP/Codebook user on windows, OS X, iOS, Android and now Manjaro linux. would happily pay for a linux option (wouldn’t it be nice if the port from OS X to linux wasn’t that hard… )