Codebook for Linux

I quite often use linux, so it would be great if I could buy Codebook for Linux

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Hello @Felghana

We do receive inquires every so often about Linux support. At this time there hasn’t been a large enough interest to support building Codebook on the Linux platform. If I may ask, what Linux distribution do you us, and do you regularly purchase software for your Linux platform?

I use Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. I brought some Linux software including IntelliJ & various steam games. Other subscriptions include Spotify and dropbox.

I too would buy a Linux version (use OpenSuSE). I’ve purchased a few items for Linux (VMWare Workstation, Slick Edit)

OS: Arch (antergos)
-donated a lot of project (as they ware free)
-few patreon subscriptions,
-bought a lot of games on Steam and GOG,
-Spotify subscription

A lot of those stuff that I pay you can get for free easily, most of the games, even spotify.
People still thinks that If someone use linux then he don’t pay for stuff.
Most of the linux community/users pay more than average Windows user, but a lot of them don’t pay in cash, they pay in time they invest by contributing in various ways.

I don’t use Windows because it’s to stiff, the interface is just bad and i keep hitting UI ergonomy problems (not to mention viruses and latest data mining).
I don’t use Mac because the hardware is just crap, buying newest Mac is like buying few year hardware.

I’m a Linux user, but have been using a MacBook Pro for several years now. A few days ago I set up dual booting on the Mac and have installed Antergos, too. I can use a couple of other password managers, but would rather use Codebook, there are a few paid applications I use on Linux - some of the free stuff just isn’t as good or requires a bunch of libraries I don’t really want.

I use Ubuntu and have bought Codebook for our phones and other computers, but I’m attempting to migrate to Linux more. I would definitely pay for a Linux version.

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I would also love a Linux version.
I buy software for Linux on Steam, HumbleBundle, and GOG.

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Yo, long time Codebook/STRIP user here. Linux VMs are where I do a lot of my work on a day to day basis, and I’ve started leaning towards going full Ubuntu. At the very least I’d pay the extra $10 or whatever to not have to hop from my Windows host to Linux to copy and paste passwords.

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I’d pay £10 or thereabouts to have Codebook on Ubuntu Touch (which is different from normal desktop Ubuntu).
However I think most potential GNU/Linux users would want a Linux app that works on standard desktops / laptops.


I’m here to add my support for a Linux version. I already have a Windows and iOS copy of Codebook, but would gladly buy a Linux app to avoid copy/pasting between systems. I mostly use Ubuntu.

Adding another request for a Linux version. Currently trying to leave the apple ecosystem in favor of Linux and I would love to have a linux build. I would happily pay money to not have to migrate all of my passwords to another linux product.

I split my time between Ubuntu (personal) and Fedora (work) at the moment.


Another me too. My primary desktop is apple, but frequently use centos 7 and or fedora. I would pay to use codebook on linux - as long as the price wasn’t outlandish. A cost of $10-$25 seems reasonable.

I found this: & downloaded sqlcipher from the AUR - if you’re using Arch or an Arch derivative, you can at least read the .db file, if you have the master password.

Actually, sqlcipher is from the Arch repository, not the AUR

Hi – I’m very curious how Desktop Linux users currently use Codebook… are you all running it from Wine, or a VM?

I ask because anytime I set up a new Windows Desktop, the first thing I install is Codebook since I need what’s in it to install/configure basically everything else and am wondering what life would be like running Linux and Codebook.


Has there been any change in direction regarding a linux port? I’ve been using Codebook since the Palm days and hate to give it up, but with Apple no longer producing products I’m willing to buy, and Microsoft moving into a subscription model, I’m looking to move to Linux full time (Ubuntu or OpenSuse). The only application that gives me pause is Codebook. I have committed a lot of information to it over the years and migrating will be non-trivial. I’ve paid for multiple copies of Codebook over the years and would be happy to do so again.

Zetetic, you lovely bunch of awesome people, any news on this? It’s been two years!

I have also moved to Linux full time & am considering other password managers because of the lack of linux support by Zetetic. Bitwarden is very compelling.

Ubuntu user at work and home laptop.
I’d pay, yet again, for codebook on another platform (ios, android, and windows already!)