Codebook for macOS 3.7.0 Released - Dark Mode and Touch ID

We’re a bit overdue for an update to Codebook for macOS, but it’s ready now with some fresh new features! In particular, we’ve introduced Touch ID login for both the Main Window and Secret Agent, and we’ve adapted the entire app for Dark Mode:

Changes in this version

  • Adds support for Touch ID login on supported MacBook Pro models
  • Adds support for Dark Mode on macOS Mojave 10.14
  • Adds support for importing Keeper, LastPass, and 1Password CSV export files under File menu, Import
  • Adds blocker view to Main Window when minimized in the Dock

Download: Mac App Store

If you purchased Codebook in the Mac App Store:

  1. Visit this link on your Mac
  2. Click the “View in the Mac App Store” button
  3. It will launch the App Store app and display the Codebook page
  4. Click the Install or Update button below the Codebook icon
  5. When installation completes click the Open button, or launch Codebook from Applications or Spotlight

Download: Direct from Zetetic

If you purchased Codebook directly from Zetetic (outside the Mac App Store):

  1. Download the Installer package
  2. If Codebook is still running, quit the app
  3. Double-click the Installer package to update Codebook


If you are having trouble updating or have any questions please get in touch with us at, or create a new topic post here on Discuss.


There have been quite a lot of changes in Codebook 3 for macOS, including new features! In case you missed any recent updates:


  • Fixes a bug caused by legacy location for sync rollback database
  • Fixes Copy tab bar button validation on the Entry view when no field is selected


  • Adds logo artwork to the somewhat spartan Getting Started view
  • Fixes jumping cursor caused by space bar on Note Entries in certain scenarios


  • Optimizes entry loading, speeding up login times
  • Optimizes generation of the options menu in the add new field button
  • Adds support for Select All on the entries list (keyboard shortcut command A when entries list is active responder)


  • Search Scope which allows you to filter which areas of your data you’re searching on (Entry names, Field values, Label names). See additional information on our blog
  • Export Selected Entries which allows you to select specific entries from the center pane and export them to CSV or plain text. This allows some additional flexibility if you want to print just one entry, or entries from a specific search result.


  • Fixes the new Password Review feature’s “Loading…” placeholder improperly displaying when Password Review is deactivated
  • Fixes crash on OS X Yosemite 10.10 when editing records
  • Adjusts preference persistence on application start-up
  • Disables relaunch on login to mitigate unresponsive application window bug


  • Adds the new Password Review feature to check passwords against the database of hacked passwords
  • Adopts a new custom display for the autocomplete suggestions shown while editing fields
  • Fixes the early dismissal of the autocomplete suggestions by word boundaries (e.g. “https://“)
  • Improves layout and appearance consistency of Password Warnings and Secret Agent Action suggestions
  • Fixes a regression where clicking the Dock icon did not show the Main Window
  • Fixes the account name label displayed under the Sync menu after Google Drive authorization
  • The icon selector has been updated to fix errant highlights when using the scroll wheel
  • The icon selector now loads a heckuva lot faster and has a new layout
  • Fixes crash possible when arrowing down the Views list to Categories
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