Codebook for macOS 4.0.2 Released

Today’s update to Codebook for macOS has been brewing for a few weeks now, and is jam packed with updates and adjustments. Quite a few these are the direct result of working closely with a number of customers that have reported problems since the 4.0.0 release, and we couldn’t be more grateful for their help.

Changes in this version:

  • Integrity Check now reports number of affected records
  • Improves synchronization behavior on specific environments
  • Fixes out of memory crash
  • Fixes Labels not properly sorting after adding a new Label in the Entry edit interface
  • Fixes crash when leaving Database Info window open and initiating a WiFi sync
  • Fixes edge case unresponsive Preferences window crash
  • Fixes Sync Key scanning camera preview view not displaying on older macOS
  • Fixes Sync Key QR Code Image graphics rendering bug on older macOS
  • Fixes Secret Agent displaying incorrect results when typing quickly
  • Resolves crash when reporting an error during download files of Dropbox sync
  • Fixes Release Notes window being deactivated when displayed post login
  • Fixes failure to download changeset files error when syncing over WiFi
  • Adjusts the color of the sync status label in Preferences for better legibility in Light and Dark modes
  • Fixes failure to propagate field changes when quitting Codebook with pending edits
  • Improves recovery and error reporting when an error occurs during sync

Download: Mac App Store

If you purchased Codebook in the Mac App Store:

  1. Visit this link on your Mac
  2. Click the “View in the Mac App Store” button
  3. It will launch the App Store app and display the Codebook page
  4. Click the Install or Update button below the Codebook icon
  5. When installation completes click the Open button, or launch Codebook from Applications or Spotlight

Download: Direct from Zetetic

If you purchased Codebook directly from Zetetic (outside the Mac App Store):

  1. Download the Installer package
  2. If Codebook is still running, quit the app
  3. Double-click the Installer package to update Codebook


If you are having trouble updating or have any questions please get in touch with us at, or create a new topic post here on Discuss.