Codebook for OS X 3.0.2 Released


Codebook for OS X version 3.0.2 is now available for both direct build and Mac App Store customers. This is a maintenance update with several nice adjustments:

  • Preserves Main Window split view borders
  • Corrects various dialogs still displaying previous app name, STRIP
  • Fixes crash on Export when Notes are present in data
  • Export format updated to export Note data in “Entry Note” column in CSV
  • Import format updated to import “Entry Note” fields as Note records
  • Adjusts Categories and Entries listing cell heights to be the same height
  • Adds Favorites as a drag-and-drop target for adding records to Favorites
  • Adds Recents view, displaying recently accessed records

This update is free. Instructions for updating to the latest version of Codebook are available here.