Codebook for OS X Update 3.0.3

Codebook for OS X has been updated, version 3.0.3 is available now to direct and Mac App Store customers. This update includes more than a dozen bug fixes along with some new features and frequently requested improvements:

  • Adds the new Journal view which displays all your Notes in one view
  • Adds a preference to sort the Journal view by Created or Updated date
  • Adds new View menu options to show the Favorites, Recents, and Journal views (command 1-3)
  • Fixes numerous accessibility and keyboard navigation issues
  • Fixes document save dialog sheet being shown improperly
  • Adds new search-in-note field to the note view (use the return key to cycle through results)
  • Enables data detectors on the note view (links, addresses, etc)
  • Adds a preference for data detectors on the note view (disabled by default)
  • Updates the Categories view to distinguish between Views and Categories
  • Fixes a bug in Main Window and Secret Agent presentation
  • Fixes crash on OS X 10.8 for TOTP fields
  • Fixes CA Transaction warning
  • Fixes the entries view count label display
  • Allows for Toolbar customization
  • Removes EntryID from CSV export
  • Improves the speed and reliability of CSV Import
  • Import no longer supports bulk update (columns named EntryID will be treated as any other field data)
  • Adds a plain text export format


Please let us know how we’re doing and contact us at if you run into any issues. If you’re a Mac App Store customer, rating and reviewing the app does a lot to help support our work. Thanks!