Codebook for Windows 4.5.3 Released

Hi folks,

Codebook for Windows 4.5.3 is a minor release that includes the following:

  • Dark mode support for Windows 10 and 11 based on operating system selection:
    • Windows 11: Settings → Personalization → Colors → Choose mode: Light or Dark
    • Windows 10: Settings → Personalization → Colors → Choose your color: Light or Dark
  • Interface update more consistent with Windows 11
  • Automatic Windows firewall configuration during installation
  • Search support for attachment names
  • Search scope selection persists between application restarts
  • Category name listed on entry list for search results, favorites, recents, and history
  • Correctly display attachment paperclip on entries
  • Improve behavior of Secret Agent display
  • Improvements to search responsiveness within interface
  • Use Microsoft Edge WebView2 runtime for displaying release notes
  • Improve copy/paste behavior of field value context menu
  • Improved drag/drop highlighting for fields and entries
  • Adjust default TOTP label text to 2-Step Code
  • Update static Secret Agent Action templates to use 2-Step Code
  • Correct copy/paste context menu behavior in field value editor after drag/drop operation
  • Adjust context menu cursor position with copy/paste operations
  • Correct display path name for Local Folder sync within Database Information screen
  • Correct text clipping of category name, favorites, recents, history
  • Persist grid splitter bar width
  • Fix context menu binding when deleting remotes
  • Handle date/time parse error with Japanese calendar
  • Improve database vacuum usage

Please let us know if you have any questions, or run into any issues.

Thank you

It seems like the text is harder to read for me. The text seems fuzzier. I’m not sure if it’s the recent update, but I don’t remember thinking about this being a problem before. Here’s what it looks like:


I’m on Windows 10 with dual big monitors. I would be glad to provide more system info if needed.

Hi @BenSlade

I’m sorry to hear about the fuzzy text! Out of curiosity, do you have any of the advanced scaling options set within Windows? For reference, here is a screenshot:

My “Fix scaling for apps” is set to “on”. Custom scaling is not filled in (it’s null)

But in the Settings->Display menu, I was using 1680x1050 when the recommended setting is 1920x1080. I changed it to the recommended setting and I think that did help.


Hi @BenSlade

Thank you for your follow-up, we’re happy to hear that helped address the layout rendering for you.

I believe I’m on 4.5.3 or 4.5.4 because the UI has dramatically changed. I’m on Windows 11 and NONE of the menus or drop-down lists are working. I left-click on them and the box around the text flashes (drop-down lists) or toggles to a lighter background color and back, but nothing drops down and so all of the menus and drop-down selection boxes will do anything! The application is completely broken for entering new entries, editing any entries, syncing, updating, anything except viewing old entries.

The right-click menus also seem to be disabled within the Codebook window. I can right-click on the frame, but not in the window.


Oddly, I started Codebook again a few hours later and everything seems to be working as expected. Drop-downs drop, right-click menu works, and menu tabs open properly. I’m on I’m not sure what’s going on. I was having no trouble with any other applications, just Codebook and the problem only seemed to effect clicks within the Codebook window and Alt-letter menu shortcuts.


Hello @Spartan

Thank you for your update, we are happy to hear everything is working properly again. Please feel free to reach out again if you have any further issues.