Codebook for Windows 4.5.0 Beta

Codebook for Windows 4.5.0 is a minor release. This release includes the following improvements:

  • Dark mode support for Windows 10 and 11 based on operating system selection:
    • Windows 11: Settings → Personalization → Colors → Choose mode: Light or Dark
    • Windows 10: Settings → Personalization → Colors → Choose your color: Light or Dark
  • Interface update more consistent with Windows 11
  • Automatic Windows firewall configuration during installation
  • Search support for attachment names
  • Search scope persists between application restarts
  • Category name listed on entry list for search results, favorites, recents, and history
  • Correctly display attachment paperclip on entries
  • Improve behavior of Secret Agent display
  • Improvements to search responsiveness within interface
  • Use Microsoft Edge WebView2 runtime for displaying release notes
  • Improve copy/paste behavior of field value context menu
  • Improved drag/drop highlighting for fields and entries

Light or dark modes are available:

Yes! Very nice.

Thank you.

Hi @lwetzel

You’re welcome, thank you for trying out the beta! Please let us know if you run into any issues.

I’m still waiting for biometric unlock on the desktop client. Any plans to include that, yet?

Hi @HangnMoss

We are interested in supporting biometric unlock on Windows. We can’t confirm any plans for it right now, as we are working on a few other items at the moment, but it’s definitely a feature on our radar. If I might ask: what biometric hardware do you use on Windows at the moment?