Windows 10 code book dark mode

Since Apple computers, iPhones, iPads, and android all have dark mode for the app, when will Windows get a dark mode???

Hey @Andy_Shuke

Nice to hear from you again!

We’ve had a few requests for Dark Mode in Codebook for Windows and it is something on our radar.

Currently we are finalizing the next major, highly requested, feature (Image + PDF attachments) for external beta testing. Near the end of last year we had posted a few development updates to our blog and the discussion forum outlining what we’ve been working on and what’s coming. This one has a preview video of image attachments: Coming Soon to Codebook, Fall 2020

Including Dark Mode in Codebook for Windows is something we’ll most likely revisit when looking into an interface redesign (also on our longer term roadmap).

We’ll continue to post updates here to the discussion forum and our blog

Any update on dark mode for windows? Apple products have had dark mode for well over a year now, when will Windows get the same amount of love?

Hi @Andy_Shuke

Thanks so much for reaching out regarding Codebook for Windows. We are definitely interested in supporting dark mode within Windows, however, we are likely going to align that with some other UI work we have planned for Codebook. Unfortunately, I can’t provide a timeline for that right now, but please know it is something we want as well!

That really is a HUGE disappointment. Over 2 years and still no ETA for windows.

Hi @Andy_Shuke

I certainly understand your disappointment, however, we did prioritize other features which we felt collectively provided more value to our customers. Specifically, we have replaced our synchronization system across the Codebook platform. This change was necessary to provide other features that simply weren’t possible with the previous sync system. For example, we recently released support for image and PDF attachments. The attachment feature was predicated on the new sync system and was also a top requested feature by customers. Again, we certainly understand your frustration, however, we also do not provide ETA’s for features within the product in general as various factors play a role in when features can be made available. We have not forgotten about dark mode on Windows though! We do appreciate your patience.

Hi @Andy_Shuke

We’ve just released a new beta of Codebook for Windows 4.5.0 which contains dark mode support. More information is available in our beta post here.