Codebook Developer Update, June 2021 (Image Attachments Beta)

It has certainly been a minute since our last progress update in December, we have been quite busy! The first half of the year flew by us. We’ve got a lot on our plate so I’ll have to be quick here.

The main thing occupying our time has been completing the new Image and PDF Attachments feature coming soon in version 4.4. This will allow our customers to securely store photographs, images, and PDF files of their most important documents directly in Codebook. Such items might include:

  • Driver’s Licenses
  • Insurance Policies
  • Social Security Cards
  • Birth Certificates
  • Legal Documents and Contracts
  • Vaccine Cards

In the interface, images and PDFs are stored as attachments to Entry records. They can be viewed right along side your Fields in the Images tab of the Entry view.

Not only have we built out this feature and new interface on all four platforms (Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows), we’ve also been paying special attention and scrutiny to the performance of Codebook’s Sync system. We’ve tuned it up, cut down bloat, and identified some bugs that needed to be fixed as well.

I’m excited to say that this work is largely complete: we began external beta testing of image attachments on Monday!

Image and PDF Attachments will be available in Codebook 4.4. This version will require all clients to update to remain compatible for sync.


We haven’t been putting out maintenance updates on our usual schedule (about monthly) while we focused on the final lift for image attachments. However, we’ve still been doing that maintenance! Thus, there is a slew of bugs fixed and other minor and not-so minor changes on deck for version 4.4. For example:

  • Big improvements to speed and reliability of WiFi sync on Android
  • Password AutoFill on iOS and macOS offers Remain Unlocked options for short time periods
  • Fixes a hang on login in macOS that could result from using Local Folder Sync with a network share
  • New disk image distribution for macOS
  • Software update on macOS now provides direct install and relaunch for updates
  • Improves reliability of Secret Agent keyboard shortcut to display the window top-most on Windows

Up Next

We’re not ready to release these changes next week; we expect to spend a few weeks doing further testing with and collecting feedback from our external beta testers. If you’d like to join the beta test please send us a quick email and let us know which operating systems you will use for testing.