Dark Mode Beta for Android and iOS

Hello, Beta Testers!

We’re back with another minor version update that contains major improvements: Codebook 4.2 for Android and iOS features Dark Mode support. It’s available now through TestFlight and Google Play, please get in touch if you cannot access it.

This was a pretty big undertaking, since it affects every color on every view in both apps as well as all the icons used. We had wanted to release it sooner, but we needed to hold off until the new Sync features in 4.1 were fully baked.

To enable Dark Mode on your device you’ll need iOS 13 or Android 10 (instructions for enabling dark mode are available for iOS and Android.)

Note: The minimum supported version of iOS for this Codebook beta is iOS 12. If you are on an iOS device that you cannot upgrade, Codebook 4.2 is compatible with 4.1 for sync.

Updating some views for Dark Mode lead us to make a lot of other little (and not so little) improvements to the apps in both Light and Dark modes. For instance, for the Settings view, and Customize Labels, we adopted a set of “menu icons” for each row choice to help distinguish them a little more readily, and to give those views a little more color.

In addition, back when Dark Mode was first coming out, we had all the Database Icons refreshed by Icon Factory for display in Dark Mode, making them really warm and bright, as you’ll see in the screens below.

If you have any questions, suggestions for improvement, or you run into any bugs, please leave a reply here or send us an email. (Seeing missing or blank text? It’s probably just the wrong color!)

If you’d like to beta test Codebook, too, please get in touch!