Debug Points are not working

Hi Folks,

After updating my project with sqlCipher i’m facing issue in debug points, Now my project is not considering debug point and i’m not able to print any response in consol as well.

Thanks for the Help.

Hello @gouravgupta72. There is not enough information here for us to help you at this time. Please provide some details about what platform you are using SQLCipher on, how you are integrating it, whether you are upgrading from a previous version of SQLCipher that was already in your application or just starting out with it, and what steps you have already tried to resolve the problem.

I’m using it in iOS, swift base project.

We are using it for the first time.

warning: Swift error in module eKinCare.

Debug info from this module will be unavailable in the debugger.

error: in auto-import:

failed to get module 'eKinCare' from AST context:

/Users/gouravgupta_ekincare/Desktop/gitHub/iOS/eKinCare/eKinCare-Bridging-Header.h:21:9: note: in file included from /Users/gouravgupta_ekincare/Desktop/gitHub/iOS/eKinCare/eKinCare-Bridging-Header.h:21:

#import <sqlite3.h>

I am getting this error, when try to PO something on consol.

After googled a got some comment that it is happening due to xcode it self has sqlite3 and sqlcipher also having an copy of sqlite3.0

So if having 2 copy of one library then this problem will happen


As @sjlombardo asked, how are you integrating SQLCipher? If you’re using Cocoa pods, you may need to add a header search path to ensure the correct version of sqlite3 is located during import.

If you are using Cocoa pods, try adding this to the Header Search Paths: $(PODS_ROOT)/SQLCipher

We’re planning on adjusting this in the podspec for the next release of SQLCipher.

If you’re not using Cocoa pods, then you may need to adjust your header search paths to include the path your the SQLCipher version of sqlite.