Developer at Zetetic

It’s Stephen here from Zetetic, the company that maintains SQLCipher. Apologies for the slightly off-topic post, but we’re planning to grow our team in the near future, and we couldn’t think of a better place to look than among the community that is already deeply interested in security, encryption, application development (and of course SQLCipher).

We’re looking for a technical developer, ideally based in New Jersey, with strong communication skills. Experience with SQLCipher is a big plus, as well as application development and integration (particularly iOS, Android, Mac, etc), and general security development knowledge.

Joining the Zetetic team offers unique opportunities to work on both open source and commercial software, and help to guide the direction of Zetetic products.

If this opportunity sounds like it might be a good fit for you or someone you know, please let us know at

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