SQLCipher for Android 4.5.2

As a follow-up to our SQLCipher 4.5.2 release, we are happy to announce the availability of both Commercial and Community edition artifacts for the new SQLCipher for Android API. We originally announced the beta availability of the library earlier this year. This new API release provides major benefits including optimized support for concurrent database access, drastic performance improvements, API simplification, and codebase modernization.

We have integration instructions updated here which includes references to the new sqlcipher-android artifact available on Maven Central. The legacy version of SQLCipher for Android is still supported, however, will be retired in the future.

We look forward to hearing your results with the new, more performant API. Thanks!

What is the [LLVM - Low Level Virtual Machine] version that used in ‘net.zetetic:android-database-sqlcipher:4.5.2@aar’?

NDK r23 LTS which includes LLVM version 12.0.5

Are there any upgrade instructions for people who have used the old sqlcipher and thus have an existing userbase with apps deployed using it, especially when using Room?

Do I just replace old dependency with the new dependency? or is that not supported at all and we have to create dbs from scratch?

Hi @azoolloow

Both the legacy version [1] of SQLCipher for Android to the latest version of SQLCipher for Android [2] can operate on the same database files, you won’t need to recreate databases to switch libraries. Both versions of the library contain support for Room as well.

In terms of your application migration, it will be a process of changing the Gradle dependencies, adjusting how the native library is loaded (see application integration:[3]), possibly adjusting your usage of the SQLiteDatabaseHook, and adjusting your various import statements.

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  2. SQLCipher for Android - Zetetic ↩︎

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