Request for Documentation on Migrating from Legacy Version to Latest Version Using SQLCipher with Room Database

Hello, I’m looking for documentation on how to migrate from the legacy version of the library to the latest version using SQLCipher with Room Database. Could you please provide me with any available documentation or resources? Thank you!

Hi @Priyank_Vadhiya,

We do not have any official documentation on migrating from the legacy edition of SQLCipher for Android to the newer SQLCipher for Android. Both libraries are based on the android.database.sqlite package provided by Google, so we would recommend starting there [1]. General application integration for the latest library may be found here [2]. Please feel free to post here if you have any specific follow-up questions.

  1. android.database.sqlite  |  Android Developers ↩︎

  2. SQLCipher for Android - Zetetic ↩︎

There is now a migration document available here: