SQLCipher Android Platforms Update


Hi folks,

We have just released a new build of SQLCipher for Android, SQLCipher for Xamarin Android, and SQLCipher for Cordova with a small adjustment to the build chain which was introduced in the SQLCipher core 3.4.2 release. This addresses and issue where devices prior to Android API 21 would try to use mmap64 which isn’t present on the device. Now, 32-bit targets will use mmap, while 64-bit targets will utilize mmap64.


Community Edition - The Community Edition of SQLCipher for Android is available via AAR packaging.

Commercial Edition - On-demand access to new releases of SQLCipher Commercial Edition are available immediately to licensees with an active CipherCare subscriber subscription, along with private, prioritized support directly from Zetetic. Please contact us at any time to receive the latest SQLCipher distribution and applicable software license codes.

SQLCipher Enterprise Program - The latest SQLCipher packages and license codes will be provided directly via your organization’s private online software delivery file share as part of your Enterprise Program Subscription.