SQLCipher 3.4.2 Release


We are happy to announce SQLCipher 3.4.2 has been released. This release includes integration of the upstream SQLite release 3.20.1. Along with the many improvements included in SQLite, several of our client libraries included some nice additions with this release as well:

Community Edition

  • Based on SQLite 3.20.1
  • OpenSSL updated to 1.0.2m
  • OpenSSL updated to 1.1.0g
  • Maximum number of parameters for a SQL statement increased to 99999
  • SQLCipher for Android build system moved to Gradle
  • iOS/macOS/Android binaries are now built with HAVE_USLEEP to use the usleep() system call
  • SQLCipher for Android uses -fstack-protector-strong in Android NDK r15c
  • Fix build support for LibreSSL
  • Improvements to sqlcipher_export and cipher_profile features
  • Improvements to mlock memory alignment
  • Validation of cipher page size input value

Commercial Edition (includes Community Edition changes)

  • OpenSSL updated to 1.1.0g
  • System.Data.SQLite updated to
  • SQLCipher for Xamarin Android uses -fstack-protector-strong in Android NDK r15c
  • Windows C/C++ builds include optimization flags -O2 added
  • Allow additional linker options to be passed via command line for Windows platforms

Enterprise Edition (includes Commercial Edition changes)

  • SQLCipher FIPS updated to OpenSSL 1.0.2m and OpenSSL FIPS 2.0.16 (for licensed FIPS Enterprise customers only)
  • SQLCipher for JDBC driver updated
  • SQLCipher for Cordova updates


Community Edition - SQLCipher 3.4.2 in source format is directly available on GitHub. The Community Edition of SQLCipher for Android is available via AAR packaging. The Community Edition of SQLCipher for iOS can be compiled from source or using CocoaPods.

Commercial Edition - On-demand access to new releases of SQLCipher Commercial Edition are available immediately to licensees with an active CipherCare subscriber subscription, along with private, prioritized support directly from Zetetic. Please contact us at any time to receive the latest SQLCipher distribution and applicable software license codes.

SQLCipher Enterprise Program - The latest SQLCipher packages and license codes will be provided directly via your organization’s private online software delivery file share as part of your Enterprise Program Subscription.

SQLCipher Android Platforms Update

Where is the download link?


Hello @Miller

We have just sent you a message through our support channel with the information you requested. Thanks again for your support!


I just received the notification for the new release SQLCipher 3.4.2 Release but there is no download link.
Can you advise?


Hello @RustyE, we’ve updated the announcement post to clarify the availability for the different versions, including links to the Community Edition distributions. If you are a Commercial Edition CipherCare subscriber and would like to receive the latest release, or if you have any questions, please contact us at support@zetetic.net.


please I need a direct response on those questions:

is the link of .aar file on Maven repository is the community releae version of lib version 3.5.9 ?

because I’m confused between community and commercial editions, we can’t get commercial edition unless we are in contact with support correct ?


Hello @Peter_Zaky - yes, that refers to the SQLCipher Community Edition release.

Commercial Edition and the associated CipherCare support are licensed separately, here:


Let us know if you have any other questions.


so how can I verify arr file of community release because the verify page is out dated I think ?


so how can I verify arr file of community release because the verify page is out dated I think ?

I mean that I need to make sure that this build belong to zetetic company and authentic and free to be used as well.


Hello @Peter_Zaky

Please see our response here: