SQLCipher 4.4.3 Release

SQLCipher 4.4.3 is now available. Please consult the full release announcement for complete details about the release.

The following summarizes the most substantial changes to SQLCipher core:

  • Updates baseline to use SQLite SQLite 3.34.1
  • Fixes bug in sqlcipher_export() handling of NULL parameters
  • Removes randomization from several tests to avoid spurious failures
  • Changes internal usage of sqlite_master to sqlite_schema
  • Omits unusued profiling function under certain defines to avoid compiler warnings

In addition, this release includes numerous updates for SQLCipher Commercial and Enterprise packages:

  • Improves SQLCipher for iOS to include static libraries packaged in an .xcframework supporting Simulator on Apple Silicon
  • Updates packaging for SQLCipher for iOS to use a notarized DMG to avoid security warnings on Big Sur
  • Increases minimum supported Java version for the SQLCipher JDBC package to Java 8
  • non-FIPS packages using OpenSSL now include the latest release of 1.1.1j