Estimated release date for 4.5.6

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Do we have an estimated release date for the next release, supposedly 4.5.6? And what library version of openssl would it have? We are on 4.5.4 and see that the openssl library version is 1.1.1t.

Also I saw in some threads, starting on 4.5.5, sqlite3 is replaced by androidx.sqlite. Does that mean we need to implement androidx.sqlite in our gradle file separately.
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Hi @Tuan,

We don’t have an estimated date for the next SQLCipher release at this time. The current version of SQLCipher is 4.5.5 (release notes may be found here [1]). Please note with this release we deprecated android-database-sqlcipher in favor of sqlcipher-android which is available. We have prepared a migration guide for moving to the new sqlcipher-android library here [2] which is currently using OpenSSL 3.0.10 LTS for non-FIPS packages.

  1. SQLCipher 4.5.5 Release - Zetetic ↩︎

  2. SQLCipher for Android Migration (android-database-sqlcipher to sqlcipher-android) - Zetetic ↩︎

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Thanks @developernotes