Export Compliance Appstore Submission

My iOS App is integrated with sqlcipher for sqlite encryption.

During the App store submission using iTunesconnect,In the Export Compliance section, Do we need to select YES or NO for encryption features in the app ?

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Hi @Prathap_Ramachandran,

As I recall that section asks you several questions, and they are quite specific and constitute a legal statement of fact. I don’t remember the wording here, so it’s not appropriate to simply say yes or no, but I can tell you that using SQLCipher in your app means you do need to follow the export compliance guidelines due to the encryption used. Hope that helps.

Hello @Prathap_Ramachandran

You may also want to review our export requirements for applications using SQLCipher page.

Provided link is not working, could you please help me on the same.

Hi @sharmasneha

Sorry about that, I’ve fixed the link.