Facial Recognition and SQLCipher


We are using the QUALCOMM SnapDragon library to do facial recognition in our project and it was necessary to implement sqlite database encription using SQLCipher.
The encription works fine alone just like the facial recognition, but when we merge both branches the QUALCOMM SnapDragon library says the facial recognition is not supported anymore.

We didn’t find anyone that had need to use these both libraries together and we have no idea whats is wrong and how to fix it.
Does anyone have explanation about this bug? Any answer could help us would be great.


More details about the issue;

The device support of facial recognition is checked by the methods “.isFeatureSupported” from the class

	faceObj = (FacialProcessing)FacialProcessing.getInstance();
	_qcSDKEnable = FacialProcessing.isFeatureSupported( FEATURE_LIST.FEATURE_FACIAL_PROCESSING );
	isSupported = FacialProcessing.isFeatureSupported( FEATURE_LIST.FEATURE_FACIAL_RECOGNITION );

The boolean values return false if, and only if, the SQLCipher libs are referenced on the Libraries.
When SQLCipher is removed from the project the facial recognition works fine again.