Feature Request: Password Quality Assurance


I currently use a website password meter to gauge my password strength:


I have made a weblink to this and saved it in category _Tools.

It occurs to me that adopting this tool would be a great feature addition for Codebook users.


Hi @MalabarRed

Thank you posting and providing this feedback, we appreciate hearing from customers. Could I ask which platform you’re using Codebook on? Currently a password weakness warnings feature is included in Codebook for Mac, which alerts you of possibly weak passwords. I’ve included a couple of screenshots which display what the warnings look like:

This is based on zxcvbn password strength estimator by dropbox (https://github.com/dropbox/zxcvbn) along with a few of our own custom adaptations.

Would this fulfill your use case?

We agree that this feature would be useful across all platforms, and do have plans of including it in the future, but I can’t comment on the timeframe.