Firebase Core CocoaPod Installation and SQLCipher


I have an iOS project with the actually SQLCipher version and a sqlite database which is crypted with sqlcipher. If I add Firebase over a CocoaPod installation I have no access to my sqlite database. I get the message “file is encrypted or is not a database”. If I delete the sqlcipher key from my sqlite database it works. If I delete the Firebase installation over CocoaPod the app works fine with the crypted sqlite database. I had tested it with the following pod commands:

1.) pod 'Firebase/Core’
2.) pod ‘Firebase/AdMod’

What kann I do, that my iOS App works with sqlcipher and the firebase cocoa pods ?

P.S. : The project is compiled under Xcode 9.1 and iOS 11.1.

It is possible that something in that dependency change is referencing the standard SQLite pod which is interfering with linking. Please consult this document:

I have same problem did anyone solved this one ?