Problem with sqlcipher on iOS 12



i updated to SQLCipher 4.0 and change the integration from sqlcipher.xcodeproj to cocoa pod installation. The build of the app is successfully. If I run the app, I get the error message that the sqlite file is not a database. If I open the database with the SQLiteManager the key was working. What went wrong if I try to open the database ? What kind of settings I need ?

Thank you for helping


Hello @RWarnecke

It sounds as if you may have a SQLCipher database file that was created with a previous major version of SQLCipher. By default, those are not compatible, however you can migrate the older database file to the new format. You might want to read through the latest changes from our release post here, and finally review the documentation on PRAGMA cipher_migrate;.


Hi @RWarnecke

We have specific instructions regarding the steps available for upgrading to SQLCipher 4 here: