Google/Dropbox restore without access to Google/Dropbox account

I’m interested in giving a close friend or family member access to my database back-up, but not the Google/Dropbox account that I sync to. So once synced, I would share the Zetetic folder in my Google Drive with them and give them my Codebook sync key, so that if they needed to restore my database, they could do so without having access to either of these cloud accounts.

Is this possible? Or are the files that get saved to Google or Dropbox different than if they’re saved to my desktop?

Hi @sowagn

Unfortunately, that isn’t possible at this time. One possible solution would be for you to use an alternative Dropbox/Google account for syncing to which you do not store other data on, and you share your Sync Key and Dropbox/Google credentials with your close friend of family member.