How to know php/ext/sqlite3 make success or not after SQLCipher process please

Hello SQLCipher team… First i really thanks to give me a mail why page is not available.
i almost spend 5days only for using php with SQLCipher. I almost follow and success process but php source give me this error.

Warning : SQLite3::query(): Unable to prepare statement: 26, file is encrypted or is not a database in /home1/apache/htdocs/db.php on line 7
Exceptionfile is encrypted or is not a database

And this is the source.


try {

  $db = new SQLite3("test2.db");
  $db->exec("PRAGMA key = 'test';");
  $result = $db->query("select * from t1;");
  if(!$result) {
    throw new Exception($db->lastErrorMsg());
catch(Exception $e) {
  echo "Exception", $e->getMessage(), "\n";


When i see a last section of SQLCipher with php, i can see this.

PHP monitors the /etc/php5/apache2/conf.d directory for additional configuration files to load. Create a file in that directory called sqlcipher.ini will the following content.

But I dont have a /etc/php5 directory. My environment is CentOS6, apache 2.4.37, php-5.6.8
So i change extension_dir in php.ini like this.

; Directory in which the loadable extensions (modules) reside.
extension_dir = “/root/php-5.6.8/ext/sqlite3/modules” // this is the my php path with ext/sqlite3

and then i insert this code in php.ini

And then i restart apache… But as i mentioned, php code give me a fail message…
So i wonder how can i know php/ext/sqlite3/modules/ file is success with sqlcipher?
or please give me how can i solve this problem.

If you help me, i really happy u.u omg…