I never created a sync key and now I can’t sync without it?

I’ve been using this app ever since it was called STRIP, and I’ve never created nor used a sync code. However, I just got a new phone and it can’t sync my passwords without one? Having never created one, is there some way around this?

Hi @Gavorn,

Thank you for using Codebook and posting to the discussion forum. I’ll be happy to help.

Starting with Codebook 4 all your synced Codebook data is encrypted with your Codebook Sync Key. A Sync Key is required to be established to sync and you’ll need to use the same Sync Key on every device you sync with. There’s more information about the release here: Codebook 4 Released - Zetetic

My colleague made this post explaining our design decision to introduce the Sync Key: Why Does Codebook Require a Sync Key?

If you were previously using a Codebook version that was older that version 4, then your synced data would be encrypted using your Codebook Master Password as key material and you’ll have a strip.db (encrypted Codebook database file) in your personal Google Drive/Dropbox within the Zetetic folder if you sync with a cloud service. Do you have this legacy encrypted database present in your Google Drive/Dropbox (if you were previously syncing with a cloud service)?

The first time you sync using Codebook 4 with a Sync Key, this legacy encrypted database will be merged with the data you have locally on your device (as long as you’re using the same Master Password on your device as was used to encrypt the legacy synced database) and converted to the new sync system’s format (smaller change chunks – codebook-changeset-[number].db – encrypted using your Sync Key).

Once you create a Sync Key, please make sure to back it up as it will be required to restore your data in case you lose access to all your devices that have Codebook data on them. There’s more information here about Sync Key backup: Codebook Help - Backup Your Sync Key

If you’re experiencing any trouble with syncing after setting up/importing a Sync Key, please let me know what device you use Codebook on, along with what versions of Codebook they’re using. The Codebook version number can be found in these locations:

[Mobile]: At the top of the setting screen
[macOS]: Codebook menu > About Codebook
[Windows]: Help menu > About

Let me know if this answers your questions and if there’s anything else we can do to assist. If you prefer, you can also write us via private support at support@zetetic.net