Introducing Codebook 3: STRIP renamed Codebook, with Notes and Favorites


We’re very excited to announce some new and very important changes to the STRIP Password Manager:

  1. STRIP has been renamed to Codebook: The STRIP icon will be replaced with a new Codebook icon, shown below. All the logos, icons and colors are updated.
  2. Dedicated Notes: You can now store dedicated Notes in Codebook. These are perfect for storing longer, free-form text.
  3. Favorites: You can now mark your most important entries with a Favorite Star to make them show up in a dedicated quick access view and as the first entries returned in searches.

Read more details about the new release in the announcement post.

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Do I have to buy Codebook for iPad and iPhone even though I have already bought STRIP previously for each platform?

If so, what new features does codebook offer?


Hi @kylebradshaw

Codebook is available for both iPhone and iPad’s, while it is not a universal application, your previous STRIP purchases will upgrade to Codebook at no additional charge.

The main new features are highlighted below, we also have a post with some additional details here.