Codebook Sync fail IOS-Android

My android phone and iPad both brilliantly decided to upgrade from STRIP to Codebook all by themselves. I now have the Codebook app with the Codebook logo and name on the iPad, and Codebook with the old STRIP logo and Codebook login page.
I can login to both apps on each device, but they do not sync with each other as they did when running STRIP.

How to fix this?

Hello @Ronenfield

It sounds as if the STRIP icon may be cached on your Android device, however it is launching the Codebook application, is this correct? If so, can you look in your applications list to verify that you see the Codebook icon as an application as well? We’ve seen some Android devices that cache the old application icon (STRIP in this case) on the home screen of the Android device, however the application list will contain the new Codebook icon for the application. If this is the case for your device you should be able to delete the icon link on the home screen of your Android device and then re-add a link to the new Codebook icon back onto the home screen. Could you give that a try and let us know if it works for you?

I deleted the STRIP app icon from the home screen and re-added it. Now Codebook shows and it starts up as it did after the upgrade.

HOWEVER, Codebook on the Android phone will not sync with the iPad app, and the iPad app will not sync with the android app. I will send email images to support.

Hello @Ronenfield

I have just replied to your direct email to support. Could you let us know your results? Thanks!

Codebook has also automatically updated on my Android device. It now will not sync with my desktop over Wifi. It did last month…

Do I need to upgrade my desktop to codebook from strip before my Sync will work again.


Hello @megamax

Yes, you will need to update Codebook on any desktop on mobile devices you have in order to sync with other Codebook clients. Could you upgrade and let us know if you are able to synchronize again? Thanks!

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I updated the desktop client to Codebook and the synchronisation from the mobile device works again.


Hello @megamax

Thanks for getting back to us, we are glad to hear everything is working well for you now!